Dharne & Co. successfully launches LanguageSphere.com website

Dharne & Co. has launched LanguageSphere.com, a website offering online language learning courses in Chinese and English. Dharne & Co. designed the site using WordPress CMS (content management system). WordPress helps the site administrator to update content, post blogs or add new pages. Dharne &…

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Dharne & Co. Launches Wittenberg Law website

Dharne & Co. a leading web solutions company announces the launch of a new website, Wittenberg Law PC. Wittenberg Law PC is a boutique law office offering legal services in the investment and wealth management domain. The firm wanted a website that would engage visitors,…

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The 5 Most Important Features of HTML5

HTML5, the new version of HTML offers a number of unique features which will change the way websites and users interact. We will take a look at 5 important features which revolutionize the way users view websites.

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How you can contribute to your website SEO project

There are many functions which can be done effectively by the business owner. Also, you have to be hands on proactively involved in the process. Some of the ways you as the business owner or decision maker can contribute are listed below

Providing Important Information

The most information you provide to the SEO Services Company is about your company.

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7 Important Factors to Improve Your Website – Part 1

There are many things to consider for improving any website’s performance. The points listed here will help your website improve its SEO and Usability. There are 7 important factors to consider.

  1. Search Engine Accessibility
  2. Search Engine Presence
  3. Individual Pages
  4. Website
  5. Domain Related
  6. External Websites
  7. Others
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HTML 5 versus Flash and your Website’s Future

The argument about whether HTML 5 is going to make Flash redundant has taken centre stage. Two recent announcements have triggered this.

  1. Apple is going with HTML 5 for their iPad and not supporting Flash.
  2. Google experimenting with HTML 5 for displaying their YouTube videos.
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