Moffatt & Nichol – Case Study

7 Year Long Relation: Webmaster for one of the Top 100 Engineering Firms in US

Moffatt & Nichol deals in Marine Engineering consultancy which involves, Coastal, environmental and water resources, Ports, harbors and marine terminals, Rail and transportation systems, urban waterfronts and marinas in United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Latin America.

Client Requirement:

Moffatt & Nichol approached us first in 2006 to redesign their website and help them to explore promotional channels on the Web.

Our Solution:

Since 2006 , we have redesigned their website thrice. The current website is built with a Content Management System using WordPress. Website is developed in three languages apart form English.We have been maintaining their websites for content updates on a regular basis.
We also provide them with SEO services to maintain and increase their online foot print day after day. Emailer/Newsletter Design services are provided as a part of their monthly customer engagement activity.

SEO Results

Moffatt & Nichol SEO Result

Moffatt & Nichol – Case Study

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Moffatt & Nichol – Case Study
Moffatt & Nichol – Case Study