What is Search Engine Marketing

What is Search Engine Marketing
Online Search is a major source for people to discover new information. Billions of searches are carried out by visitors seeking websites which might meet their expectations whether it is for learning, shopping, entertainment or for any other need.

The major search engines try to meet their user’s needs by aiming to provide relevant search results.  Search Engine marketing is  important for your site to show up in those relevant search results.

There are two ways to market your business on Search Engines. Organic and Paid. Organic search engine marketing using Search Engine optimization (SEO) and Paid search engine marketing uses Pay Per Click (PPC) products like Google Adwords.

What is Search Engine Optimization or SEO

SEO is a process to optimize your website to make it easy for search engines to crawl it,  store it in their database and index it and show it in their results.

Your site should preferably be on the first page of results when a searcher enters a relevant search term in the search box of a search engine.

SEO helps you achieve that by optimizing your site to send the right signals to search engines through your title, tags, content, internal links and backlinks.

What is Paid Search or PPC

PPC stands for pay-per-click and Google Adwords is an example of paid search marketing. Here, you have to create a paid campaign where you select your target keywords, create an ad based on this and provide a landing page for users to visit when they click this ad.

The ad is displayed above and to the right of the natural search results which we mentioned in the SEO introduction above. For your paid ad campaigns, you have to bid to have your ad displayed competing with other bidders. Then your bid + a quality score decides whether your ad gets displayed and where in the paid ads display section.

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