12 Ecommerce Shopping Cart features to increase Conversions

A shopping cart is a critical part of any Ecommerce website. Selecting the right shopping cart is important. A wrong selection can seriously affect business. Cart abandonment will go up and conversions down if key features are missing.

Key shopping cart features

Ease of use

A shopping cart should be easy for shoppers to add and buy selected products. It should be intuitive and easy to use.


A shopping cart should offer options for customization.  It should integrate seamlessly with the rest of the website’s workflow. The form, product display and other components should be flexible to customize and use.

Easy to Design

The shopping cart should be easy to design to match the website it is integrated with. This includes the colour scheme, menus, text, images and internal linking.


The shopping cart software should include themes. Themes are a great way to make a shopping cart attractive and help customize design easily.

Payment Gateways and Credit Cards

A shopping cart must easily integrate with and support multiple payment gateways. It should also support various credit card processing and check payment options.


A shipping calculator with a link to major carriers like FedEx and the ability to customize shipping rates e.g. free shipping or a percent reduction.

Tax Calculator

This is essential as it helps keep pricing transparent and let buyers know exactly how tax is added to their overall cost.

Inventory Management

A shopping cart that tracks incoming orders, keeps tabs on product availability and provides reports is a excellent asset for ecommerce management.

Customer registration

A shopping cart should allow customers to register and view their past buys. Also, it should help registered customers by not having them fill the same details all over again.


Shopping carts should help add promotional information. This includes creating gift coupons, embedding links in social media, affiliate marketing and other promos.

Confidentiality and security

Customers will buy from you only if they feel that their personal data is protected and secure. An online shopping cart program should offer the best security features available.


Last but not the least a shopping cart should have the option to generate comprehensive reports to help businesses track conversions as well as gauge product and promotion performance.

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