4 content tips for promoting your limo rental business online - dharne. Com


4 content tips for promoting your limo rental business online - dharne. Com

4 Content Tips for Promoting your Limo Rental Business Online

Content tips for limo rental business

Limousine Rentals is a 4 billion dollar industry in the United States. It is a popular segment which bisects the transportation and luxury industries. With thousands of limousine rental service providers, it is also a highly competitive industry. There are some easy ways to differentiate yourself by taking some simple steps and getting more hands on with your marketing. Even if you have hired someone for the marketing, these tips will help you provide your SEO, Content Creation or Social marketing firm with some much valued content.

1. Showcase your Fleet

One great feature that separates the Limousine Rental Industry from others is the fleet of exotic vehicles they possess. This is a great marketing asset. It is visual, appealing and a natural brand ambassador. All assets should be used to display your Fleet at its finest with shiny, fresh looking limousines, sedans and party buses arranged in perfect order.

Encourage your customers to take photos or videos and share with their friends and mention your brand. This help create positive word of mouth marketing on social channels, gets you mentions and exposes your brand to more people.

2. Take Photographs

Train your chauffeurs to take good photos or hire a professional photographer. Pictures with happy people in them and your branded limousine in the background work really well to show you as a people friendly brand. Other photos include people enjoying themselves inside the vehicle, smartly dressed chauffeurs standing at the ready with the vehicle. Photos by event e.g. a tour to Disneyland or Hollywood, a Prom, a Birthday bash. Obviously all customer photos should be taken only with permission.

Photos are a great way to market your brand and build your web presence by

1. Maintaining accounts on leading photo sharing sites like Flickr
2. Offering some photos as free to share with attribution for non commercial use (builds mentions and links)
3. Integrating photos with your articles or blog posts.
4. Sharing photos on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other Social sites.

3. Shoot Simple Videos

With today’s powerful mobile cameras shooting short 2-3 minute videos is a piece of cake. Some easy to make videos include

1. Showcasing the interiors and features of your limousines and party buses
2. Taking testimonials of clients after a really great tour
3. Taking a video series of exotic locations and landmarks on Limo Tours organized by you.

Videos are a great way to build content around. From blog posts to social media updates, they work very well. It can be as simple as ‘Video of our Hollywood Tour’ mentioning the locations covered, the date the video was shot, acknowledgments mentioning the person taking the shot etc. or it can be a full text excerpt of the tour, the locations covered with the video embedded.

4.Provide Detailed Information

People like to feel they made a studied choice. Give them all the information about your Fleet of vehicles like the specs, what modifications were done, the features and the rates. Make it easy for them to save and share with their friends with Social Media integration.

How It All Comes Together

All this natural content generation from your day to day business activities helps build quality content to promote your business online. The above assets can be used to add content to

1. Service Pages (photos, vehicle specs)
2. Blog (photos, videos)
3. Social Media properties (news, photos, videos)
4. Other blogs, forums (Event based ones like e.g. proms, birthdays, weddings, etc.)
5. Media sharing sites (YouTube, Flickr, Pinterest)

to name a few. All these help in promoting your limousine rental business online whether it is SEO, Social Media Marketing or any other form of marketing.

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