4 Important Tips for designing your business logo

A logo is a mixture of ideas, color, geometry and characters that effectively conveys your business vision, values and USP. So, it is critical which logo design you finalize with your identity design provider or in house design team. Below are some tips for choosing your business logo.

Tip 1: Discuss your ideas and concepts

The background details that go into an effective business logo design include

  • How the business identifies itself internally
  • What the business represents to the outside world
  • The message the business needs to convey to its audience

Internal discussions, research and brainstorming with professional logo designers will help. Besides this, surveys and test reviews of various logo design options if possible will provide valuable inputs.

Tip 2: Ask questions, seek answers

There are many possible questions to look at which help your logo design project move forward

  • Is the logo better with an image only or letters only design or both?
  • Does it reflect your values in a novel manner?
  • Is it similar to one of your competitors?

Questions like these are fundamental to developing a customized logo design for your business. Remember that your logo needs to capture your audience’s attention in as little as 2-3 seconds if it is to serve its purpose.

Tip 3: Think Practical and Ready-to-use

A logo is your starting point for all marketing campaigns, whether online or offline. The logo design should therefore be

  • Practical to be used on a variety of media including digital
  • Simple enough to be reproduced easily
  • Scalable to be printed in different sizes and formats

Tip 4: Color with moderation

A colorful logo can certainly look great if done well. However, use too many colors and it can easily go from good to bad depending on where it is displayed. A balanced logo color scheme will look good on any media type and at any scale. Key points to consider are

  • In most contexts like in newspapers, magazines, fax copies and flyers the logo will be printed in black and white.
  • The logo colors used should translate well from digital RGB displays to the print medium’s CMYK (cyan-magenta-yellow-key) color model.

A logo gives your business a brand image, one that people can identify with. The perfect logo should be able to stand by itself without needing any props. If people can identify your logo among a host of other competitors simply by its design you have a logo you will never have to change.

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