4 useful wordpress plugins for business websites - dharne. Com


4 useful wordpress plugins for business websites - dharne. Com

4 Useful WordPress Plugins for business websites

Wordpress plugins for business websitesWordPress is a great platform for businesses to setup a clean and simple website quickly. In addition to that, there is a huge collection of Plugins (now almost 15000) which can help you extend your website to be highly functional for your visitors.

Now, let us look at few important WordPress Plugins that can be used to improve your business website.

YARPP – Related Posts Plugin

This plugin helps you easily show posts related to your current post.
For example, if your post is about ‘teeth whitening’, then this tool will pick up other posts related to ‘teeth whitening’.
You can then select which posts to show as related posts by controlling tags and categories to set relevance levels.


• Identifies related posts and displays them with your post.
• You can benchmark relevance levels as per your requirement.
• You can exclude certain categories or tags so posts within them do not get selected.

Key Benefits

• Adds depth to your post topic improving its user value.
• Improves internal linking between posts which is good for your SEO
• Helps promote your older posts
• User can easily display posts by controlling the relevance levels and exclusions

Download YARPP here


This plugin simplifies the basic optimization of your WordPress website.

Key Features

• Better control over titles, Meta descriptions and Meta tags.
• Allows you to change the Post Title from the default.
• You can remove punctuation marks which may cause problems in various browsers.
• The blog page indexing done by search engines can be controlled.


• Automated creation of Meta tags.
• Computerized generation of Keywords.
• You can tweak title, keywords and descriptions.
• Backward compatibility and cross functionality with other plugins.

Learn More about All In One SEO here

Cforms – A Custom form Plugin

Cforms allows you to have a customized contact form on your WordPress website.

Key Features

• Cforms can create individual as well as multiple contact forms.
• It allows Drag and Drop of form fields.
• You can resize text areas.
• You can track the submitted text and export it later.


• You can change the look and feel of your forms, Cforms is compatible with CSS.
• It offers numerous in-built themes compatible with your original form.
• It offers multi-lingual support to your contact forms.
• Automated backup for individual as well as collective contact forms.

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AdRotate – An ad management Plugin

With AdRotate you can spontaneously renew, delete, edit and add new Ads on your WordPress website.

Key Features

• It allows preview of banners before their live display.
• You can put unlimited number of banners to different areas of your website.
• Get email updates about banner expiry dates.


• You can completely format the shape and color of the Ads
• You can adjust the frequency of Ad banner displays
• It allows you to put banners selectively as well as randomly
• Get simple statistics to know the visitor traffic for each Ad

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