5 highly effective and easy ecommerce tips and tricks - dharne. Com


5 highly effective and easy ecommerce tips and tricks - dharne. Com

5 Highly Effective and Easy Ecommerce Tips and Tricks

Ecommerce tips and tricks

Many online businesses miss these easy to implement tips and tricks for Ecommerce websites. You can easily improve your website’s conversions and effectiveness by following these simple additions and modifications.

Keep important information above the fold on Product pages

By giving the visitor one place for all the key information needed to take a decision quickly.

  1. Your Product name.
  2. The Product price including any discount and shipping information.
  3. The Product Image and brand image if applicable.
  4. The main call to action, usually the Add to Cart button.
  5. The secondary call to actions like Add to Favorites or Subscribe for updates on product.

See how well any Amazon product page displays this information.

Amazon product page example

Include unique content on category pages

Instead of just listing products on the category pages, add some content describing what the category is about. This is a great way to highlight key subcategories and products within the category. You also provide another path for visitors to visit pages you wish to highlight and push internal links to these pages.

Mobility Care uses this technique effectively on their category pages.

Mobility care category content

Add unique brand pages

Visitors on your site will have different approaches to choosing products. The site should offer multiple paths to visitors to reach products. Brand pages are a good way to offer visitors another path to reach a product.

Brand pages are a good way to list your sub brands, categories within the brand and push key products in what’s new or best sellers section. is also good for your search traffic as you can target brand keywords here.

Ruze shoes has a simple brand page which easily provides access to sections, sub-brands and sub-categories in one place.


Add the brand summary information on product pages

This will add unique content to product pages as well as help link back to brand pages, parent category, related brands and products using targeted internal links. This section also gives an opportunity to re-market to your visitors by providing email subscription form to receive updates about the brand.

See how effectively Zappos uses the brand section on each product page for gaining subscribers as well as improve their key pages SEO profile through internal linking.

Zappos brand summary

Add elements which enhance trust

Ratings from BBB, Bizrate etc. and security badges from VeriSign or similar agencies help enhance trust. You can also add reviews for products to not only further enhance the product page but to also add user content as a trust factor.

See how the Atlanta Diamond Brokerwebsite uses these in their website’s footer section.

Website trust elements

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