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5 important web pages missing from business websites - dharne. Com

5 Important Web Pages Missing from Business Websites

5 important web pages missing from business websites

You have the home page, the about us page, the services/products pages neatly categorized and arranged and the contact page works perfectly. Your website is ready and working just fine. You have various marketing campaigns going on pulling in visitors

But wait! Do you have these 5 web pages which

  • Make your visitors experience richer
  • Improve your site SEO
  • Make your sales and customer service more efficient.

Lets look at these 5 important web pages

1. The FAQ page

Having this page provides an amazing range of benefits for your customers and your business.

  • Customers get a lot more of their questions answered upfront and need to ask less of routine questions
  • Customer service can focus on answering important questions
  • Customers can be channeled to pages which answer their question and reduce steps in the sales process.
  • Your website gets an additional information rich page.

2. The News page

Depending on the popularity of your brand, this can be a mix of news about your business and industry news. This provides

  • A curated information source for visitors to refer to for news in your niche.
  • Fresh content for search engines and for sharing on your social network.

You can use the standard blog format showing news in reverse chronological order with older news available as archives ordered by date, month or year depending on posting frequency.

3. The Sitemap page

A sitemap can make your website’s navigation more efficient. It is an important navigation tool for visitors to reach different sections on your website quickly. Some sections are too far apart or deep and require numerous links to get from point A to point B especially on large websites*.

*Note: If this is the case, your site architecture is also something to look into.

4. The Privacy Policy page

With the strong issues people have about their online privacy, this is an important page to build trust. Also, if you are using Google Adwords or Google Places, this is a must have page to improve your quality score in Adwords or your position in local rankings which show Google places.

5. The Custom 404 Error Page

There are many reasons visitors end up with a 404 page not found error message on a website. Some examples of these are

  • The page was removed
  • The page was moved from its current location
  • The visitor typed a wrong url

A custom 404 page will help keep visitors on the site, allow them to reach the nearest navigation clue e.g. sitemap, category, services page, search or home page.

This blog post is by Dharne & Company, a Website Design firm offering creative web solutions to businesses across California and the United States.

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