5 WordPress Ecommerce Plugins for your online shopping site

With the release of version 3.0, WordPress has continued its improvement as a platform for building ecommerce websites. As described in WordPress 3.0, Better Ecommerce and Content Management(CMS)the new features make WordPress a stronger platform for managing your website as a shopping site.

Add to this the ever improving plugins collection and it gets even better for small businesses. We look at 5 Ecommerce plugins which help you build a complete online business.

WordPress Ecommerce plug-in

This plug-in has virtually everything that you could wish for your online store. You can choose from a variety of templates to present your store in a new look avatar. With social media becoming increasingly popular the plug-in provides ample sharing options to ensure your content goes viral. Payment concerns have also been effectively addressed and your customers can choose from Google Checkout, PayPal and to make secure online payments.

YAK for WordPress

Another robust ecommerce open source plug-in, YAK is easy to customize. With a good developer you can easily configure the plug-in to program your store to match your sales process. You can also integrate your blog with your shopping cart a handy option for those who want to discuss product details with customers. Whats more, the site admin can upload downloadable files like e-books or brochures and avail of in-depth Flash based sales reports.


A great plugin for Ecommerce stores with features like real-time shipping rates and comprehensive inventory tracking. This plug-in comes with a powerful dashboard that lets the site admin manage and track orders with ease. You can create catalogs of products customized according to product size, colors and the like. This plug-in enables site administrators to efficiently organize a large amount of content and present it in an attractive manner.


This is the plug-in of choice for all Ecommerce website owners who are also adept at online marketing. This plug-in lets the site admin to make use of promotion facilities like promotion codes, discounts and Google Adsense integration with space for advertisements. It is also quite user friendly with the admin able to import an entire CSV file whenever there are any mass entries to be made.

WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin

A simple plugin with emphasis on functionality, you get everything that a basic online store requires from shopping cart, add and edit options to payment facility. May not be as sleek as some of the other plugins but ensures that you have a reliable and robust eCommerce feature integrated with your website.

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