Bing – Is it to beat Google or just Yahoo!?

Microsoft’s Bing is creating a buzz in the internet market. Sites have started registering more visits from Bing and clients are looking forward to rank in Bing. Google analytics still doesn’t recognize Bing as a search engine.

So what is Bing all about? Bing known as Kumo during development phase is not being brought about as a Google killer but a restart by Microsoft in the search industry. Bing is definitely better than Live search and one step towards betterment but still it has a long way to go before it can be termed “GOOGLE KILLER”

One can see lots of changes like a proper organized category list when one searches in Bing, thou the categories do not appear for every search but will likely appear as more queries will get categorized.
Also if you see further on the left side pane it shows related searches unlike Google which shows “also see just above the search engine results” instead Bing groups all the related searches and provides a link to them in the left panel.

If you see the search results in Bing, on the right hand side of individual results appears a short summary of what’s on the page and what other pages are linked from it, one doesn’t have to visit the page actually to have brief look. This aspect is a good added feature.

With more addition in features and up gradation in coming days/months/years, Bing surely is a step in the right direction. All that’s left to see is till where Bing will go!!

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