Bing, Yahoo integration and the Blekko search engine

This month has two key developments which can impact your website traffic and SEO efforts.

Yahoo starts integrating Bing search results

Yahoo! announced that some of their search results are now driven by Bing starting this July. The Bing-Yahoo! search integration is taking place in phases. It is expected to be complete by September end.

So from October 2010, there will be another significant player in the search market. Bing’s total share will now grow to a 25-30% range. How will this play out? These are the two scenarios

  1. If you were doing great in Yahoo so far but not in Bing, your SEO efforts will need to focus on Bing a lot more than earlier.
  2. If you are doing fine with Bing, then there is no reason to change anything SEO wise.

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Blekko to release complete SEO data

An interesting new search engine, Blekko was recently featured on leading tech blog,  Techcrunch. Blekko will be offering a beta version to select users and is expected to launch in a short period.

The important feature from an SEO perspective is the data provided. All the backlinks data, rankings and more will be public. All this publicly viewable SEO data will be both a good and a bad thing depending on how it is perceived and used.

Though not a Google killer, the interesting feature of this new search engine is the use of slashes to build custom searches easily. For e.g. I can create a /design custom search with a set of sites grouped under this slash.

This will show in the left menu (now standard in Bing and Google) which will contain my custom slashes. I can also follow other people and their slashes.

  1. Upside: All competitor data is visible. Also we get a better idea of our link data.
  2. Downside: All your site data is visible too.

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