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A platform that revolutionized self publishing like no other, WordPress has come a long way. It has been a boon to small and medium sized businesses, making setting up a website easier and affordable. At the same time it has evolved to be a powerful CMS perfectly usable for medium sized enterprise websites. It completely […]

One size no longer fits all. The harsh truth is that the volume and use of smartphones is rising and that of PCs is falling. PCs just had their worst quarterly sales numbers in decades. Having a responsive web design is the responsible way of designing websites. The ‘when’ is almost upon us. Yes, its […]

Pinterest boasts the largest image sharing community online today. Pinterest opened officially in late 2009. By early 2012, Pinterest exceeded LinkedIn and Google+ for traffic, and was the #5 social network in the world. It already has more than 12 million registered users, and gets over 10 million unique visitors every single month! For Real […]

As Ryan Singer of 37 signals mentions in his excellent post UI and Capability, design needs 3 core principles to work together be useful to the visitor. 1. Capability – The ability of the website interface to help the visitor achieve their goal. 2. Implementation – The backend of the website which gives it the […]

You move into a new house, all fresh and clean. Then over time, you get stuff in. You forget old stuff or you really don’t want to get rid of some things. A few years later, you step back and look at a house full of clutter and chaos. The paint has lost its sheen […]

Google has been explicit that website speed is an SEO signal. So, one should always be looking for ways to reduce website load times. Google offers great advice on this too. This is a simplified explanation of what Google recommends.

The relentless march of Google’s updates makes it more and more evident that business owners need to get more hands on involved with their SEO agency. The SEO agency will always be there to help, guide and execute your campaign. Yet, there is a lot that comes out of business experience, contacts and data that […]

You are a small, local business who wants to promote their business in search engines. Here are some simple steps for success Target the right keywords Know what words your customers use to describe your business or services. This is crucial as sometimes these words could be very different from words used by the industry. […]

The recent Google Penguin update has once again re-surfaced the debate on link quality and back link acquisition techniques. This update was focused on devaluing what Google terms as inorganic or unnatural links. This update complements the Panda updates which were broadly focused on content quality. This in a way swings the pendulum back to […]

There are SEO people who swear by content. Content is king they say. Then there are the link building SEO experts who believe backlinks are everything in SEO. But being in one camp or the other is missing the point. Links on the web are pointers to content The purpose of an online link is […]