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HTML 5 versus Flash and your Website’s Future

The argument about whether HTML 5 is going to make Flash redundant has taken centre stage. Two recent announcements have triggered this.

  1. Apple is going with HTML 5 for their iPad and not supporting Flash.
  2. Google experimenting with HTML 5 for displaying their YouTube videos.
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SEO Impact with Yahoo plus Microsoft Vs Google

Many of you must be aware of the Yahoo and Microsoft’s search deal. They hope will change the landscape of the Search industry. How does this impact SEO in particular and search engine marketing in general?

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404 error page or 301 Redirect – SEO dilemma

Looking for some information urgently and you land on a 404 error page – nothing can be more frustrating than that. The 404 pages are painfully for webmasters and more painful for users. The 404 page causes a dilemma for SEO’s as to what exactly should be done about the 404 pages whether they should be kept as it is or they should be or they should be redirected using 301 redirect.

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Increase authority to your Site- Get .edu/.gov links

Back links the more in number the better similarly if a site can get back links from .edu or .gov then it can upgrade the authenticity and value attached to your site. But getting a .edu and .gov link is even more difficult as these sites are focused on education, information and government policies and are most unlikely to sell or exchange links. Unless some site decides to donate a few links.

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Using Google to analyse your website and competition

Google offers advanced search to help build complex search queries. We look at some of the advanced search operators to carry out an SEO analysis of your website as well as that of your competition.

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Bing – Is it to beat Google or just Yahoo!?

Microsoft’s Bing is creating a buzz in the internet market. Sites have started registering more visits from Bing and clients are looking forward to rank in Bing. Google analytics still doesn’t recognize Bing as a search engine.

So what is Bing all about? Bing known as Kumo during development phase is not being brought about as a Google killer but a restart by Microsoft in the search industry. Bing is definitely better than Live search and one step towards betterment but still it has a long way to go before it can be termed “GOOGLE KILLER”

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Plan your Internet Marketing (Search Engine Optimization) Campaign with all possibilities in mind

Can you imagine a day where you get to know that all the search engines have closed their services and after switching on your PC and connecting to your internet you don’t know where to go to find the website of which you don’t know the url. Even thinking about existence of internet with out search engines might send a shiver through your spine.

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Setting up a blog or a site – Take care of your robots.txt

Setting up a new site or have planned out customization of your wordpress blog. Now that you taken care of your title and meta tags and other basic SEO stuff. Make sure you do get your robots tag in place too.

Robot.txt plays a crucial role in Search Engine optimization. There are two ways in which one can use robot.txt that is control it directly though individual pages and the second one is folders. We can write the robots tag in the Meta tag of the page or upload a robots.txt to the root folder of the site.

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Duplicate content issues for TLDs clarified

One is always worried about duplicate content and also till now it was always believed that a same site having different TLD might get involved in duplicate content issues. But here is the breather. Google and yahoo have confirmed that they treat the content for same site with different TLD’s differently and that these sites are not considered as copy content but are understood as the same site with geo targeting domains.

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Principles of Animation

Animation has few principles which ones need to follow to achieve great animation. Some of them are listed below. Follow them and you will be able to achieve the results for yourself

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