HTML5 and Geolocation revisited

As we saw in our earlier post on HTML5 and Geolocation, the concept has a lot of potential for pushing or retrieving relevant information depending on your location and time. This looks great for getting restaurant recommendations in your car at lunch time on Facebook…

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HTML5 Web applications that enrich your web experience

What is an HTML5 Web application?

An HTML5 application or app makes use of the various specs mentioned in the HTML5 draft to provide users a more interactive web experience.

Some HTML5 Web apps

Offline web usage and application cache

Web applications will now be much more user friendly.

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Dharne & Co. Designs Website For Back Tax Rescue

Dharne & Co. a leading web solutions company announces the launch of a new website for Back Tax Rescue. Back Tax Rescue offers tax resolution services to help clients settle their tax problems. The company wanted a website that was informative, easy to manage and…

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4 Important Tips for designing your business logo

A logo is a mixture of ideas, color, geometry and characters that effectively conveys your business vision, values and USP. So, it is critical which logo design you finalize with your identity design provider or in house design team. Below are some tips for choosing…

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