HTML5 and Geolocation revisited

As we saw in our earlier post on HTML5 and Geolocation, the concept has a lot of potential for pushing or retrieving relevant information depending on your location and time. This looks great for getting restaurant recommendations in your car at lunch time on Facebook…

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Choosing an Online Payment solution for your Ecommerce Website

No Ecommerce website is complete without a secure and convenient payment feature. There are a number of payment gateway services available and it is crucial for the success of your Ecommerce store to choose the right online payment solution. How does a payment gateway work?…

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Dharne & Co Develops Lead Generation Website for a Bankruptcy Advisory Firm

Dharne & Co has designed and developed a new website for a firm that provides consultation services regarding filing bankruptcy. The website named “Filing Bankruptcy Now” serves to connect people with prominent bankruptcy attorneys. Visitors to the website can avail of a free evaluation service…

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5 WordPress Ecommerce Plugins for your online shopping site

With the release of version 3.0, Wordpress has continued its improvement as a platform for building ecommerce websites. As described in WordPress 3.0, Better Ecommerce and Content Management (CMS) the new features make Wordpress a stronger platform for managing your website as a shopping site.

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Facebook sets you Free with Export, pulls you Back in with Groups

Facebook has recently announced the launch of an improved Groups product. The new changes would make Facebook groups a much more integral part of the Facebook experience. Along with a new look interface users also get a variety of features to choose from. The reason…

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HTML5 Web applications that enrich your web experience

What is an HTML5 Web application?

An HTML5 application or app makes use of the various specs mentioned in the HTML5 draft to provide users a more interactive web experience.

Some HTML5 Web apps

Offline web usage and application cache

Web applications will now be much more user friendly.

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Mobile friendly websites: How they can help your business grow

Technology is steadily changing the way we socialize, conduct business, search for information or entertain ourselves. The confluence of the cell phone with the Web has opened different avenues in this regard, one of which is mobile commerce. Changing the shopping experience like never before…

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Dharne & Co. Designs Website For Back Tax Rescue

Dharne & Co. a leading web solutions company announces the launch of a new website for Back Tax Rescue. Back Tax Rescue offers tax resolution services to help clients settle their tax problems. The company wanted a website that was informative, easy to manage and…

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4 Important Tips for designing your business logo

A logo is a mixture of ideas, color, geometry and characters that effectively conveys your business vision, values and USP. So, it is critical which logo design you finalize with your identity design provider or in house design team. Below are some tips for choosing…

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How HTML5 Web Workers improve web browsing

A common problem faced by web users is the browser freezing up when using heavy web applications. Often one has to wait for a long time till the operation completes before going any further.

With the introduction of the HTML5 Web Workers API, users can now say goodbye to this issue.

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