Dharne & Co. Designs Website for FedCo Lighting Design Company

Dharne & Co. a leading web design company has designed a website for FedCo India. FedCo provides lighting technology and design solutions for commercial and domestic clients. The firm wanted a website designed and developed to present its products and promote its installation services. The…

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The HTML5 video element and the future of Online Video

HTML5 is a set of web specifications being developed as part of an ongoing project by the “Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group” (WHATWG). These specs include new HTML5 features like geolocation, canvas, video and application cache. The HTML5 video element is particularly interesting.

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Projects roundup for August 2010

Another exciting month at Dharne & Company comes to an end. We had a variety of projects this month, opportunities to improve existing skills and learn new ones. Below we highlight five web projects we found interesting and hope you do too.

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Website Maintenance, Important, Ignored but so Critical for Business success

You built a great, professionally designed website using the latest and greatest in web technology and everyone loved it. But that was 2005, what about today?

If you left the site as is, today it would be outdated, old and behind your competition. Content would need to be updated, images replaced and new elements added to keep up with today’s socially connected world.

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6 Open source apps that helped Ecommerce grow

Today it is easy to setup a business website with all the bells and whistles and have them ecommerce enabled. This was not always the case. Just a few years back it was difficult for most online entrepreneurs to get their own ecommerce website built without spending a fortune.

Thanks to the open source revolution, we have a variety of platforms to choose from to easily setup a business website with ecommerce enabled.

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Dharne & Co builds website for fund management company Core Fund Solutions

Dharne & Co is delighted to announce the launch of a new and improved website for Core Fund Solutions (CFS). Core Fund Solutions is a fund management company offering services in alternative fund investments. The company operates from offices located in San Francisco, Mountain View…

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Joomla components for Ecommerce, SEO and Social

This post looks at 3 highly popular Joomla components. These components support the key elements for a successful Joomla website, namely Ecommerce, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Social Networking.

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Dharne & Co Launches Ecommerce Website for Mobility Care, a Healthcare Equipment Company

Dharne & Co announces the launch of a new Ecommerce website for Mobility Care. Mobility Care, a South Bay Home Health Care company, provides health care and rehabilitation products for people with special needs. The company needed a fresh website designed to present its products…

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HTML5 Canvas feature, add Graphics, Videos, Animations to your website

The HTML5 Canvas is one of the more interesting HTML 5 features. It is one of the key elements which has lead to the HTML5 versus Flash debate.

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12 Ecommerce Shopping Cart features to increase Conversions

A shopping cart is a critical part of any Ecommerce website. Selecting the right shopping cart is important. A wrong selection can seriously affect business. Cart abandonment will go up and conversions down if key features are missing.

Key shopping cart features

Ease of use

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