Tips for Effective Newsletter Marketing

Email is still by far the major means of communication despite the rise in Social Media. The irony is obvious when you have to authenticate your Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter account using an email id.

Experts vouch for the sales figures provided by effective email marketing campaigns. Newsletters are an effective way to keep in touch with your customers.

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Dharne & Co. redesigns website for Silicon Technologies

Dharne & Co. a leading web solutions company announces the launch of a newly designed website for Silicon Technologies. Silicon Technologies is a leading network solutions provider, offering Wi-Fi, data centre infrastructure, data security and other networking services. The firm wanted their website redesigned to…

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WordPress 3.0, Better Ecommerce and Content Management (CMS)

WordPress version 3.0 is almost ready, with what is most likely the last release candidate, RC3 made available just a couple of days back.

Already the leading blogging platform, the new release will strengthen its capabilities as an Ecommerce and CMS platform. Here are some features we found interesting in making the new Wordpress release a better Content Management and Ecommerce website design platform.

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HTML5 and the Geolocation feature

Geolocation helps a user identify their current geographic location. Till a few years ago, geolocation was restricted to very few devices such as GPS and a few others. This information was not open, could not be shared easily and nothing useful could be built around it.

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