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Setting up a blog or a site – Take care of your robots.txt

Setting up a new site or have planned out customization of your wordpress blog. Now that you taken care of your title and meta tags and other basic SEO stuff. Make sure you do get your robots tag in place too.

Robot.txt plays a crucial role in Search Engine optimization. There are two ways in which one can use robot.txt that is control it directly though individual pages and the second one is folders. We can write the robots tag in the Meta tag of the page or upload a robots.txt to the root folder of the site.

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Duplicate content issues for TLDs clarified

One is always worried about duplicate content and also till now it was always believed that a same site having different TLD might get involved in duplicate content issues. But here is the breather. Google and yahoo have confirmed that they treat the content for same site with different TLD’s differently and that these sites are not considered as copy content but are understood as the same site with geo targeting domains.

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Internet Marketing- Promote your website effectively

Everyday new websites are added to the World Wide Web and that makes it more necessary to have a website which stands out among the millions of websites offering the service same as you are doing. It is difficult and at times even seems a bit impossible to achieve high rankings for highly competitive keywords and stand out in Google and other search engines.

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LINK BAITING – Effective and proven SEO technique

Back links count. The more and natural the back links the higher the chances of your site ranking for the term. So how to build links naturally?

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Competitors – Analyze them –They are IMPORTANT

One does envy and even appreciate the efforts of the sites that rank on the first page of Google for our keywords. But by studying and observing these sites we can learn a lot of things that can help us take our site to the top.

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Why is it essential to rank on first page in GOOGLE?

First page ranking – anyone who has a remote idea about online marketing will be able to tell you that only if you rank on the first page only then you stand a chance of getting mega traffic to your website.
Now just think for yourself how many times while looking for information in a search engine have you gone beyond the 2 and 3rd page of the results.

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Search Engine Rankings – Link Exchange – Part 2

Always make sure that the site which you are asking a link from should be relevant or some what related that is it should be in the niche of what your site deals with.

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Search Engine Rankings and BACK LINKS

Let’s get back to search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization if done in the right direction and properly can actually bring a fortune for the website and thus the company as search engine optimization can take your website to new heights (read rankings).

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4 SEO Myths and Facts you need to know

Search engine marketing has lots of myths attached to it so let me today help you sort the facts from the myths. So let’s clear the myths and get started with 4 basic facts of SEO.

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