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WordPress Completes 10 Years

A platform that revolutionized self publishing like no other, WordPress has come a long way. It has been a boon to small and medium sized businesses, making setting up a website easier and affordable. At the same time it has evolved to be a powerful…

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Tips to Choose an SEO Friendly Website Hosting

So, you have decided to launch a website for your business. You do all the research and find the right website hosting solution. It is perfect, fits your budget, great bandwidth (unlimited), shared hosting, FTP access, the works. You do your site and launch it…

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When to upgrade your website to a CMS

Earlier, for a small business offering a few services a good way to get online is creating a 5-10 page static website. This was easy to do-it-yourself with a simple html editor, some web space at a hosting provider and a domain name. Website maintenance…

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4 Useful WordPress Plugins for business websites

WordPress is a great platform for businesses to setup a clean and simple website quickly. In addition to that, there is a huge collection of Plugins (now almost 15000) which can help you extend your website to be highly functional for your visitors. Now, let…

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Website Design for Facebook Pages

Today social media is a rapidly growing channel for promoting your business. Facebook dominates this space and provides opportunities through their business pages making a good Facebook page design important. These pages can now display your actual website using iFrame and adds another dimension to…

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Healthcare Website Design using Joomla, A Case Study

This case study highlights how we recently redesigned the website of a leading healthcare provider, Sahyadri Hospitals using Joomla. This replaced a very basic website comprising of 7-8 pages with a cutting edge web presence. Their brief for the new website design was as follows…

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5 WordPress Ecommerce Plugins for your online shopping site

With the release of version 3.0, Wordpress has continued its improvement as a platform for building ecommerce websites. As described in WordPress 3.0, Better Ecommerce and Content Management (CMS) the new features make Wordpress a stronger platform for managing your website as a shopping site.

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Joomla components for Ecommerce, SEO and Social

This post looks at 3 highly popular Joomla components. These components support the key elements for a successful Joomla website, namely Ecommerce, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Social Networking.

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WordPress 3.0, Better Ecommerce and Content Management (CMS)

WordPress version 3.0 is almost ready, with what is most likely the last release candidate, RC3 made available just a couple of days back.

Already the leading blogging platform, the new release will strengthen its capabilities as an Ecommerce and CMS platform. Here are some features we found interesting in making the new Wordpress release a better Content Management and Ecommerce website design platform.

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