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Does Your Website Design work on Smartphones and Tablets?

The iPhone in 2007, Android in 2009 and the iPad last year has led to rapid growth in the mobile market. Everyday these devices are bringing new visitors to your website and this trend will continue to grow. But … Is your website ready for…

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7 Website Design Tips to help Your Business Succeed Online

Having your own business website is important. Even more important is having a business website that works and meets your goals whether it is building your brand, generating leads or selling products. One of the many important criteria for a website to be a successful…

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12 New Year Resolutions for Your Website

It is a New Year and you have made new resolutions for yourself. How about some for your website? Yes! Your website needs resolutions too. Websites and the devices accessing them are evolving rapidly. Your website needs to keep up. These 12 New Year website…

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Why is HTML5 important?

HTML5 promises users a better web experience than its predecessor across all devices whether they are Smartphones like the iPhone or Android, traditional Computers and the newer Tablets and Netbooks. The 5 key reasons why HTML5 is important 1. Growing smartphone use for accessing the…

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Healthcare Website Design using Joomla, A Case Study

This case study highlights how we recently redesigned the website of a leading healthcare provider, Sahyadri Hospitals using Joomla. This replaced a very basic website comprising of 7-8 pages with a cutting edge web presence. Their brief for the new website design was as follows…

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HTML5 and Geolocation revisited

As we saw in our earlier post on HTML5 and Geolocation, the concept has a lot of potential for pushing or retrieving relevant information depending on your location and time. This looks great for getting restaurant recommendations in your car at lunch time on Facebook…

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HTML5 Web applications that enrich your web experience

What is an HTML5 Web application?

An HTML5 application or app makes use of the various specs mentioned in the HTML5 draft to provide users a more interactive web experience.

Some HTML5 Web apps

Offline web usage and application cache

Web applications will now be much more user friendly.

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Mobile friendly websites: How they can help your business grow

Technology is steadily changing the way we socialize, conduct business, search for information or entertain ourselves. The confluence of the cell phone with the Web has opened different avenues in this regard, one of which is mobile commerce. Changing the shopping experience like never before…

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How HTML5 Web Workers improve web browsing

A common problem faced by web users is the browser freezing up when using heavy web applications. Often one has to wait for a long time till the operation completes before going any further.

With the introduction of the HTML5 Web Workers API, users can now say goodbye to this issue.

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The HTML5 video element and the future of Online Video

HTML5 is a set of web specifications being developed as part of an ongoing project by the “Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group” (WHATWG). These specs include new HTML5 features like geolocation, canvas, video and application cache. The HTML5 video element is particularly interesting.

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