Competitors – analyze them –they are important - dharne. Com


Competitors – analyze them –they are important - dharne. Com

Competitors – Analyze them –They are IMPORTANT

Competitor analysis
One does envy and even appreciate the efforts of the sites that rank on the first page of Google for our keywords. But by studying and observing these sites we can learn a lot of things that can help us take our site to the top.

Topping the search engine rankings would definitely mean getting huge traffic and more importantly relevant visitors. Relevant visitors mean increased conversions and thus increased revenue. Thus it becomes more important to rank among the top sites.

Now do you begin about the competitor analysis and what do you look for in your competitor’s sites. These sites will help you provide an insight into what can help you get rankings.

– Study what keywords they are targeting on their home page.
– Study what pages they have on their sites and what keywords they are targeting on the respective pages.
– What title and description they have used and how do they target their keywords in it.
– How old is the site.
– Most importantly good quality content. You will also need to have good content on your site which needs to be unique.

Next you need to see if you can find what kind of marketing strategy they are implementing. Study their back links. See if you can find them in banners, ppc and other such stuff. See if they offer any affiliate programs.

Take time to study their site closely and in detail. You will definitely find way to improve and implement on your site.

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