Dharne & Co. designs website for reSIProcate coffee

Dharne & Co. has launched a new website for reSIProcate coffee, an exclusive brand of quality organic coffee. The reSIProcate brand is marketed by Canterbury Coffee Corporation, Western Canada’s largest specialty coffee roaster.

reSIProcate required a website to display and promote their various Coffee Products. They needed a website with an ability to update the content of the website on their own without requiring the help of a developer/programmer for regular content updating.

WordPress was selected as the Content Management System (CMS) as it scored high on user friendliness and ease of updating the content. WordPress CMS enables the site administrator to add, edit or delete content, post blog updates and add news items with ease.

Dharne & Co. designed an attractive, eye-catching website with a slide-show on the home page to display the featured products or any important announcements. The website has an intuitive navigation plan with a menu bar at the top that makes each web page easily accessible in one or two clicks. The different coffee flavors are presented in an easy to view format.

The website is search engine friendly and includes a site map for quick reference. Links to various other sites have been provided which includes charity foundations supported by reSIProcate.

The website, custom designed by Dharne & Co. will help to reach out to a large audience and attract high number of customers.

About Dharne & Co:

Dharne & Co is a professional website design firm based near Irvine, Orange County, California that offers website design service to clients across several industry verticals. The company has a proven record of delivering expert website design and development solutions to businesses in the Greater Los Angeles Area with clients across LA, Long Beach, Anaheim, Santa Ana, San Bernardino and Riverside.

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The reSIProcate brand of organic coffee beans and blends is launched by Canterbury Coffee Corporation. The reSIProcate brand so named to convey its social commitments enables the company to give back by supporting local community initiatives and charitable causes. The company seeks to promote family, children, health, and education welfare initiatives through its sales. The reSIProcate brand is certified organic and is available in a wide range of choice flavors.

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reSIProcate Organic coffee
Canterbury Coffee Corporation
Tel: 1-800-664-2711