Dharne & Co. redesigns Ecommerce website for Three Day Tool Service

Dharne & Co. is pleased to announce the launch of a new and improved Ecommerce website for Three Day Tool Service, Inc.

Three Day Tool Service is a reputed industrial tools and equipment dealer and repair firm. The firm specializes in providing semi-trailer- truck body tooling, grinding tools, riveting and hydraulic tools, air tool parts with hose fittings, accessories and supplies. The firm wanted a website that was easy to navigate for visitors and easy to manage for the site administrator. Three Day Tool Service offers a wide range of tools across several product categories. A new website was needed to display the tools in an effective manner according to the different product domains.

Dharne & Co designed an improved version of the website with each product vertical having a separate domain and path. The home page serves as a common interface for the different product domains accessible by way of the menu bar at the top of the page. The new website considerably improves the user experience making it easy to shop for the various products. Customers can now shop across the different product domains without having to manually enter the details every time a new order is to be made.

The website is built using a robust Ecommerce platform, the Zen Cart. The shopping cart comes with several features enabling prospective buyers to shop easily in a minimum number of steps. The site administrator can add products and categories without requiring much technical know-how. The website provides for a secure mode of payment using offline credit card processing facility. Dharne & Co also configured a shipping calculator into the website to provide an estimate of the shipping costs and enable quicker order processing.

The website layout was designed using an attractive theme and different color schemes for each product domain. A revolving Flash banner provides first time visitors with an eye-view of the product range according to different categories. The website has been custom designed from start to end to provide a convenient shopping experience for customers.

About Dharne & Co:

Dharne & Co is a professional website design firm based near Irvine, Orange County, California that offers website design service to clients across several industry verticals. The company has a proven record of delivering expert website design and development solutions to businesses in the Greater Los Angeles Area with clients across LA, Long Beach, Anaheim, Santa Ana, San Bernardino and Riverside.

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