Dharne redesigns joomla based-website of-presidio homecare


Dharne redesigns joomla based-website of-presidio homecare

Dharne & Co. redesigns Joomla based website of Presidio Home Care

Dharne and co redesigns website for presidio home care

Dharne & Co. is pleased to announce the redesign and launch of a new website for Presidio Home Care. Presidio Home Care is a family owned business, established to provide supportive services to the elderly. The Presidio Home Care administrators and support staff make it their mission to provide personalized service at reasonable rates.

Presidio Home Care were looking for a complete redesign of their existing Joomla powered website. They needed changes to the way information was organized. Also, each page needed a design which met their specific goals. The site had an existing form but there was a need to improve their call to action on the individual pages.

Dharne & Co. carried out a complete restructuring of the information and redesigned the Joomla based site accordingly. The main focus was to deliver a clearly organized site providing relevant information. The site was designed to achieve high standards of usability and user friendliness. The call to actions were positioned to provide an effective path for users to complete their tasks.

Each service page had its own unique design needs and the focus was to keep this individuality without sacrificing usability. This called for a design that went beyond a simple template based model. Dharne & Co. was successful in finding the right balance for this challenging goal and meet the high expectations for this project.

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