Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email Marketing enables business owners to directly connect with the targeted audience at a low cost that delivers impressive engagement.


Our experts create and deploy email marketing strategies that work for your business. We serve all types of businesses including small local businesses.

Email campaigns are cost-effective, trackable, and measurable. Email marketing is automated and trackable right from the time subscriber opens the email to the time they buy the product or services.

It enables the business to update customers about the products and services, offers, or any relevant updates.

Our team of experts handles the entire email marketing process for you and work on putting a long-term strategy for you.

Convert Leads into Customers

Reconnecting with your leads via email marketing nurture the leads and convert that lead into a customer at very low cost.

Build Strong Customer Relationship

Getting in touch with your customer via email marketing is the most cost-effective way to build a long term relationships.

Better Brand Recognition

Email marketing helps with branding and authority building amongst your leads and customer for free.

More Revenue

Email marketing gives your business an opportunity to present your upsell to your customers and leads at no cost.

Key Elements:

Setup: We help you in setting up your account with leading email service providers – Constant ContactiContactMail Chimp, and more.

Integration: Our Email marketing services integrate subscription capture elements into your website, blog, and other online assets. Touching social media elements like Facebook and Twitter campaigning.

Design: Creating smart, effective, and enticing Newsletter designs that gain maximum attention from users.  We offer Professional Design Services for emails & newsletters

Execution: Building, testing, and scheduling the email campaign is a vital part before it can be executed. Our email marketing services precisely include these elements which reduce the risk of failure.

Analytics: Integrating the campaign with an analytic tracking tool helps in observing its performance.  It's critical in analyzing and tracking what the customers want.


Our highly optimized email marketing services, backed by experienced designers, HTML experts, and Email Marketers ensure a successful campaign. The 10 step process involves –

  1. Analyzing your current email marketing capabilities and assets
  2. Setting up your account with an email service provider if you don’t already have one.
  3. Setting up subscriber capture elements like forms and call to action buttons on your websites and other online assets.
  4. Designing customized emailer templates and converting to valid HTML that works across email interfaces.
  5. Integrating custom or provided templates in your campaign setup
  6. Adding or updating contact lists if available.
  7. Scheduling and sending emails based on best practices.
  8. Integrating the campaign with Analytic Tracking Tool.
  9. Tracking the campaign performance and suggesting improvements
  10. Creating reports with visual insights that help in understanding the campaign performance.

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