Healthcare Website Design using Joomla, A Case Study

This case study highlights how we recently redesigned the website of a leading healthcare provider, Sahyadri Hospitals using Joomla. This replaced a very basic website comprising of 7-8 pages with a cutting edge web presence. Their brief for the new website design was as follows

  • A new website to present their corporate brand better.
  • A photo gallery to showcase the Health services offered by department.
  • Integrate a menu with their article section.
  • Easy content management.
  • Reuse some of their important flash presentations.

The Joomla CMS offers the perfect ecosystem to fulfill such multiple demands. Below we list some of the plugins and modules that helped us deliver a successful project.

  • Simple Picture Slideshow plugin – Display an image slideshow on the Home page
  • RokSlideShow module – Add a custom photo gallery to each Department Page
  • Article List module – Used to order list articles and link them to the menu
  • Superfish Menu plugin – A custom Menu element on the Department page
  • SWFObject module – Integrate Flash elements with the site

Simple Picture Slideshow plug-in

The goal: The client wanted a presentation highlighting their state of the art healthcare technology and the professional yet personal ambience at their center on the home page.
The solution: The Simple Picture Slideshow is as simple as the name says and we had a working mockup approved right away. The slideshow allows for automatic start on pageload or by clicking a link/button in the content item.

RokSlideShow module

The goal: It was important to display a photo gallery for their departments. This would complement information about the doctors and facilities in each department.
The solution: The mootools powered RokSlideShow module truly rocks. It is perfect for presenting photo galleries.

Article List Module

The goal: Information management was crucial as it covered the various departments, services offered, branches across multiple locations and FAQ pages for each healthcare solution.
The solution: The Article List module helps integrate articles with structured menus which make the entire website and content spread over 200 pages easy to navigate with a couple of clicks.

Superfish Menu Module

The goal: The group of hospitals are spread across 4 cities with 10 establishments and each consisting of multiple specialty departments. The client wanted each Department to have its own unique page along with a separate micro page.
The solution: The Superfish Menu module easily allows for multi-level pages. Visitors can easily browse through the various sections in a single webpage without having to use the Back and Forward tabs.

SWF Object module

The goal: The client wanted to highlight their growth story in Flash on the website.
The solution: An SWF Object module helped us to integrate the Flash presentation into the new website design.

The website showcases how Joomla CMS is perfect for customized website design for an industry vertical like healthcare. This leading open source CMS solution supports a number of extensions to add extra functionality to your website. Whether it is adding an Ecommerce shopping cart, a calendar and events tracker, weather modules, photo galleries or online forums Joomla extensions make it all easily possible.

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