How you can contribute to your website SEO project

There are many functions which can be done effectively by the business owner. Also, you have to be hands on proactively involved in the process. Some of the ways you as the business owner or decision maker can contribute are listed below

Providing Important Information

The most information you provide to the SEO Services Company is about your company. The most important points are

  1. Realistic business goals to be achieved through your website.
  2. Your target market and personas, the type of people who will buy your product or service.
  3. The market details should include segmentation if it is relevant by service or product, geographical area and the above personas.
  4. The words you think your customers commonly use when seeking out your business or discussing their needs with you.
  5. A list of competitor websites to check for a competitor analysis would be handy.
  6. As a topic expert, you will need to provide content which can be used for promotional efforts. This would be articles, diagrams, press releases etc.

Once the SEO firm has this information, they can evaluate your current website.

Providing Resource Access

Once you have engaged an SEO Service provider, they will need access to a variety of resources such as

  1. Webserver Log Files for traffic analysis
  2. Website Analytics for traffic analysis

If they are also the same firm doing your website design and development, they will also need

  1. FTP Login Details for on page recommendations implementation
  2. Webserver Details for page redirects, url rewrites, etc.
  3. Update sitemap.xml or robots.txt
  4. Update pages tags or content

The SEO firm will do a variety of tasks. Some of the tasks commonly carried out are listed below. Keep in mind that each of these tasks can have a numerous sub-tasks under it.

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Additional Content requirement
  3. Internal link structure
  4. Page by Page link analysis
  5. On site issues including errors
  6. Incoming link issues from external websites
  7. Title, Meta Tags, Robots.txt, Sitemap.xml
  8. Link Building

How many of these will be covered depends on what terms both of you have agreed to

If the SEO Company does not have the rights to make changes directly to your website, they need to be able to send recommendations to a person at your company who has these rights. Also, a timeline has to be fixed for implementing accepted recommendations.

Being Proactive

The most important role the owner can play is in link building. The SEO firm will give the link url and anchor text to use for this purpose if possible. Where it is not possible, simply get a link to the homepage.

Suggestions for being a Proactive link builder

  1. Membership of organizations in your niche which allow listing of  websites and member details.
  2. Giving interviews for online posting in your niche and getting a link to the website.
  3. Networking on Linkedin, Facebook and other social media as an individual.
  4. Contributing knowledge as a guest poster on blogs prominent in your industry.
  5. Leveraging clients to recommend you online for successful projects, services or products delivered.
  6. Providing Press Release content to your SEO firm.
  7. Providing articles or points for articles if the firm also does content writing.
  8. Always being alert in day to day business for any opportunity to get a link to the website.

This will complement the link building efforts of the SEO firm.

In conclusion, the SEO Company and the Client are working towards a common goal. Their efforts and tasks need to complement each other for helping the website achieve its full potential.

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