Ideas to Increase Ecommerce Conversion Rates

Looking to increase your ecommerce website conversion rates? These ideas should get you started on the path to highly optimized ecommerce conversions.

Clear Primary and Secondary Call-to-actions

Having a call-to-action in the right place and clearly visible is important. A call-to-action element solicits an action from the website visitor and guides them to take the next step in the process.

  • Call-to-action elements should be clearly classified into primary and secondary call to actions
  • A secondary call to action e.g. product information document should not get in the way of the primary call to action e.g. buy the product.
  • Secondary call to action is mainly for buyers who have decided not to buy for now or are undecided. It helps you capture some information for a second chance to sell through a newsletter subscription or by providing more sales material. So its placement is important and should be separate from your buying process.

Add a strong search facility

For a site with 1000s of products, it makes sense to provide visitors with a search facility. This offers very clear benefits to your visitors and to the business too!

  • Visitors get one more way to find and buy products. A good search option will show products by price, by feature or by special offer e.g. free shipping.
  • The visitor searches in aggregate will give you a better idea of the keyword phrases your visitors actually use. An excellent resource to incorporate into your SEO or PPC campaigns.

Provide clear information on Product pricing, shipping and offers

Deceptive pricing is a quick path to loosing trust, customers and business. All price information should be clear and upfront.

  • Do not hide any costs like sales taxes which ensure customers do not feel overcharged later on.
  • Offers should be clearly mentioned along with the conditions that make them applicable.
  • Make sure your USP shows up prominently but more sure that it is true.

The Checkout and Payment Workflow

Shopping cart abandonment is a very common occurrence at any ecommerce site. There are many reasons for this but some are in your control. Test and choose the best working option for

  • Try out different shopping workflows and see which ones your visitors find most convenient and show the highest conversion. Try and reduce distractions in the process but do not make it difficult to leave. That will leave a bad taste, not to forget the negative branding.
  • Again test various form formats and avoid any unnecessary fields. Minimalism is the key here.
  • Provide multiple buying options and support for as many options as possible for transactions including credit cards, PayPal, etc.

Display Customer Reviews

Positive reviews from customers are an excellent marketing tool and can improve conversions if used correctly.

  • Seek reviews and feedback proactively from your customers and request them to post their comments online.
  • Even negative reviews help in improving the service provided and information displayed.
  • Social sharing is a great way for customers to propagate your brand leading to more committed buyers.
  • Before going about for customer reviews make sure you are offering a great service and quality products.

Always be Testing

Always test all aspects of your ecommerce site. Some of these variables which affect conversion are

  • Your site navigation
  • You product display
  • The shopping workflow for your visitors
  • The transaction interface and process
  • Your service and products offered
  • Your special offers

Put together all of the above should make a definite improvement in your ecommerce conversions.

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