Is your website ready for christmas? - dharne. Com


Is your website ready for christmas? - dharne. Com

Is your website ready for Christmas?

Is your website ready for christmas

Your business website needs to be perfect for you to have a successful holiday business season. What are the key areas you need to cover? Let us look at some important ones.

A Proper Website Audit

Have you carried out a proper audit of your website? You need to check your website for security, trust, correctness, speed and many other factors like

  • All content is present and correct.
  • All images are appropriate and have no copyright issues.
  • You hosting provider offers excellent uptime.
  • You have a proper backup of your website just in case.
  • All your forms, namely email subscription form, call to action form, buttons, RSS feeds and sharing features are working fine.
  • All trust elements like BBB, Security, Privacy Policy are in place.
  • You have a proper search function and it works as expected.

Your Website SEO Campaign

Organic search traffic is a major source for new visitors finding your website as well as for brand searches. It is important that your website is already cared for the following reasons.

  • Ensured your website is properly crawlable by search engines
  • All key pages are properly indexed.
  • Broken links are resolved correctly.
  • SEO Process is working properly with consistent link building, seo audit and on page improvements.
  • You have an updated sitemap page and sitemap.xml.
  • You have analytics in place and configured correctly.

Your PPC Campaign

Adwords and other PPC ads are a critical component of search marketing for most business. And it is especially competitive in the holiday season. There are many important points to take care of here.

  • Your campaigns are optimized and ready to be scaled up if needed.
  • Your landing pages are properly mapped with your ads.
  • You have tested and have your best ads ready to go.
  • You have integrated adwords reports and your analytics.

Your Website Design

Your Website Design influences the impression your business has on a visitor. A good design with a strong focus on your visitor will go a long way in affecting your sales and conversion process. You have to ensure the following

  • Your website is easy to use.
  • Your navigation elements make sense.
  • Your images and call to action stand out.
  • Your contact details are clearly visible.

Your Conversion Process

This is a crucial step in the overall sales process. There can be many reasons a user will abandon the process midway. You have to take care of a number of important points.

  • Ensure that your conversion process is properly set up.
  • For ecommerce sites, make sure that your payment gateway is properly configured.
  • Also ensure your sales tax and shipping calculations are working correctly.
  • The pricing management should also be checked as this can affect your bottom line.

Your Website Maintenance Plan

You will usually have special offers, discounts and promotions for the holiday season. All this requires rapid changes to the website content at scale. Make sure you have planned this out properly.

  • Ensure images are ready and deployed.
  • Prices are updated and displaying correctly.
  • Offers and their status are tracked.
  • Ensure all internal linking is maintained correctly.
  • Ensure navigation is working as expected.
  • Ensure search is working as expected.

Covering all the above points should go a long way in your website playing a key role in your success.

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