Link baiting – effective and proven seo technique - dharne. Com


Link baiting – effective and proven seo technique - dharne. Com

LINK BAITING – Effective and proven SEO technique

Link baiting
Back links count. The more and natural the back links the higher the chances of your site ranking for the term. So how to build links naturally?

You must have heard about the term link baiting and even wondered what is link baiting. How can one successfully link bait? Well link baiting is preparing content and putting it on website/blog with the main aim of attracting natural back links to that page. With link baiting you will be able to rank for various phrases and diverse keywords as lots of people will be linking to you by various keywords. Also it will help you boost your traffic as people will be able to get to your site from not just search engines but also various other sites and blogs. So how do you build a content which will make people naturally link to it?

– Write a content that will appeal to the people, think about your target market and think what they would like.
– Write a good article. Make informative plus humorous no body likes to read just plain simple and serious stuff.
– Keep them interested and get them involved into the article.
– Try posting the link to your article in forums and blogs and see what kind of reaction your content is generating. This way you will be able to test link baiting ability of the article
– After testing it, launch the content on your site and start its promotion.
– Create a buzz, talk about it and make people also talk about it.
– Lastly monitor it closely; what traffic changes it brings to your site, what kind of back links it has generated and has it helped improve your rankings.

So start baiting for your links.