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Local SEO

Bespoke marketing strategy for your local business to get more leads, calls, and customers. Our local search engine optimization (SEO) service is designed to increase the visibility of your business and get more customers. Our strategy is focused to drive more customers to your business from search engines and all available organic channels.

Local SEO Services :  Dharne & Co will get your local business listed in all major local listing site and directories where customers are searching for products and services that your business provides. Our customers centric local SEO strategy focuses on getting your businessmaximum positive exposure and visibility from all possible channels.

Local SEO Process :  Our team of experts starts with auditing your website and find errors, and missing opportunities. A thorough market analysis is done for the business and accordingly, keywords are listed which can be targeted on your website. Content is created for the targeted landing pages and important technical changes are made to present the site appropriately to the users and search engines to gain maximum clicks to your pages and leads.

 Local SEO Service Plan:  This is How it Works

Website Audit: We audit your website and its visibility to find errors and missing opportunities.

Market and Keyword Research: We do the market research and keyword research with the help of the tools in the huge pool of data to find every possible keyword which can increase your business.

Content Creation & Marketing: Our team of export content creators and copywriters create content which explains your products and services and can convert visitors into customer.

On-Page Optimization: Our technical team makes sure your website is error-free and contains all codes and details which will help your website in gaining more visitors.

Landing Pages Optimization: We create a well-designed landing page to maximize the percentage of visitors to send you a lead or call you.

Local Business Listings in Maps: We list your business in Google and Bing maps and optimize it with information, categories, and images to rank your business for ‘near me’ searches.

Citations or Backlinks: Citations or backlinks building, it gives a boost to your business in search engine ranking and competes for the top spot in the search results.

Reporting: We provide absolute transparent reports of rankings, traffic, and leads with a list of suggestions for upcoming weeks and months.

Boost Online Presence

Get noticed!! We manage your Online Presence by getting your business listed in right places.  You will get more potential clients calling in, filling out forms or visiting your store front.

Put your business on the map

Getting your business on map will get you customers in real time.

Reach More Customers

With tailored made marketing strategy reach more customers in your targeted market.

Effective Local SEO Solutions

Local SEO service to help increase your business.  We are in Irvine,  Orange County, Ca

  • Boost traffic to your website
  • More visibility of your website in Google and Bing
  • Increase brand awareness
  • More calls
  • More leads

Our Local SEO plans are customer-centric and competitive, that deliver positive ROI consistently.

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