Online vs offline marketing


Online VS Offline Marketing

Online VS Offline Marketing They say marketing is what you do when your product is no good. In this competitive world where brands cannibalize brands a good product can fall flat on its face if not marketed correctly. So what is correct marketing – Well,…

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Why the Brochure is still important

A brochure is usually not high when discussing marketing products in general. In this era of online marketing this is more so. But for some situations, nothing can beat the humble brochure. So where exactly do you feel lost without a brochure? Where only your…

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Is your website ready for Christmas?

Your business website needs to be perfect for you to have a successful holiday business season. What are the key areas you need to cover? Let us look at some important ones. A Proper Website Audit Have you carried out a proper audit of your…

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Importance of Diversifying your Online Marketing

Google dominates search, both organic and paid and Facebook dominates social. Do they dominate your website traffic too? Make no mistake, it is great if Google sends you lots of relevant visitors and it is equally nice if Facebook is also a major source of traffic. But depending on only one or two of these sources for the bulk of your traffic is a recipe for disaster.

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How does Social Media marketing compare to SEO

There is no valid way to compare SEO and Social Media. Both are different marketing tools and in a few ways complement each other. Below are some points on both. SEO Social Media SEO is focused on getting potential customers to visit your website through…

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