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Digital Marketing – SEO SMO PPC

Imagine 2.5 Billion prospects, spread across digital platforms all over thw world, continuously firing unlimited search queries on search engines. And consider this as your potential customer base. This is what you are missing out if you do not engage in Internet Marketing-SEO SMO PPC. Being a Digital marketing company, we know exactly that there is a world of opportunities out there for you and everyone alike. But only those who have the right tools can thrive and succeed in this competitive world. At Dharne & Co. we have the perfect digital marketing solutions for you in your each and every online endeavor. Connecting with your customers online can be a hard nut to crack. Consumer behavior can be unpredictable and keeping up with the current trends of online marketing can be a tough act to follow. This is where a digital marketing company like ours will aid you in your venture. Since we already have experts who handle these tasks day in day out, why do you need to get your hands dirty. Over the years we have developed Expertise to Enhance the Web Presence of Clients. “Data beats Opinions our expertise helps you accomplish your Marketing Goals. Various Studies show that 80% of purchases were initiated with an online Search of some kind. This means businesses have to exist online as well. Your prospects and customers should be able to find you when they go through their online research and buying process. Buyers commonly use Search Engines and Social Media when looking for information about services, solutions, products and/or businesses. Our digital marketing company is based on aligning with this new buying process of today’s tech savvy customer. Here’s a nice article with an infographic telling the advantages of digital marketing. In order to show up in the search engine results you require Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing, for branding and engagement Social Media Marketing is required.

Increase ROI – More Leads means More Business

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SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization supplements your Digital Marketing Strategy

Our team of Search Engine Optimization experts truly care about your business and its success. For this reason our SEO professionals begin with a detailed SEO audit of your website. We identify positives and negatives which help us create a blueprint. Accordingly, we apply our proven SEO tactics to accomplish your online marketing goals.

We have improved Search Engine Rankings for several Clients large and small. Our SEO experts strictly follow white hat SEO practices and are well versed with changing Google Algorithms. They say behind every successful man there is a woman similarly, behind every successful Online Marketing Campaign there is SEO.

Our team’s constant efforts to ensure success for your SEO campaign reflect in its consistently good results that sustain for a long period of time.

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Paid search engine marketing

( PPC )Paid Search Engine Marketing

Advertise on Google to harness the full potential of Online Marketing

Pay Per Click or Paid Search Marketing is the fastest medium to get traffic on your Website. Search Marketing is about being there when your customers need you. Our Search Engine Marketing experts create an integrated Online Marketing Campaign that throbs on user experience to drive maximum conversions. We track the entire journey of prospects right from first interaction to conversion. This helps us in determining which marketing channel is working best for us, which Ad Copy is performing well, and how to optimize the budget.

We have run successful PPC Campaigns for a number of Industries such as Automobile, Education, Hospitality, and Real Estate. Our Pricing is absolutely transparent, at all times you can access your Google Adwords account to see the number of Conversions & Budget exhausted.

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( SMO )Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing – A key ingredient for Internet Marketing success

93% of B2B marketers find LinkedIn the most effective social network for B2B lead generation, and 77% say they have acquired a customer through LinkedIn. 70% of marketers used Facebook advertising to gain new customers while 34% of marketers use Twitter advertising to successfully generate leads.

At Dharne and Company our social media marketing experts help your business to gain visibility through well planned social media marketing campaigns. We devise Internet marketing campaigns and social media strategies that help your business engage with your audience in the digital word.

93% of shoppers’ buying decisions are influenced by social media. Get social media marketing services from Dharne and Co. – an online marketing company in Orange County, CA.

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Email marketing automation agency company

Email Marketing Services

Affordable Email marketing service from an Online Marketing agency

A recent study concluded that email is almost 40 times better at acquiring new customers than Facebook and Twitter. For every $1 spent on email marketing campaign, the average return is $44.25.

At Dharne and Co. we first identify potential leads by segmenting your data. We follow email marketing best practices to design an optimized email copy with special attention on personalization and subject lines to maximize your click to open rates and click through rates. Before scheduling the email marketing blast we follow permission based email marketing since we believe that opt in email marketing lays the foundation for a successful Email marketing campaign.

Opt for bulk email service from a professional email marketing company in Orange County, CA like Dharne and Company to surge towards your web marketing endeavors and bring home the bacon.

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Content Marketing Services

A Website’s Conversion rate is 6x higher when content marketing is integrated with online marketing

Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads. Traditional advertising just grabs your attention for a short span of time, interrupts rather than creating value and is expensive. On the other hand content marketing aims at creating mutually beneficial relationships.

At Dharne and Company we provide Content Marketing services to create relevant and engaging content in the form of blogs, videos, info-graphics, articles, e-books etc. to attract customers, engage them by providing valuable solutions to solve their problems thus carving out a niche for your brand in their mind. Now consumers will keep coming back for more and even share your high quality content to the world for you thus creating a ripple effect and boosting your online marketing efforts.

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