Campaign Management Services : PPC, SEO, SMO

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Our Approach

The web is like your agent, it speaks for you when you are not there to make any comment. Thus it is essential to plan, monitor and optimize your campaigns to ensure you deliver a consistent and a relevant message. Campaign Management is a puzzle which tests the ingenuity of a would-be solver. To solve the campaign management puzzle one is required to handle SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, E-mail marketing, Content Strategy & Web Analytics tactfully to constitute a coherent picture. We at Dharne are the real puzzle solvers helping you crack this code.


He who fails to Plan, Plans to fail. Your objective of the campaign should be crystal clear in your mind like Branding or Lead Generation. Wrong objective = Wrong results. Once, that is established you need to break it down into goals. Now, to achieve those goals you need to decide on aspects like Budget required, advertising channels, Content strategy, target audience etc.

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In this phase we setup campaigns on platforms decided in the planning phase like Google, Bing, and Social Media. This involves keyword research, Ad copy development, Bid setup, landing page setup, implementation of conversion tracking code.

Test marketing

Also known as A/B testing. To get a better idea of which channel, ad copy, targeting options are working best for you we run a test campaign. A deep analysis is conducted on data collected which helps us prioritize our resources to achieve the best results for you.


Without implementation no one can ever progress. We make sure campaign is always on track as per the plan. We build audience, engage them and finally convert them. We believe content plays a crucial role here because if you see, that is the only part visible to the prospect.


This is the fun part, we get to show what we have achieved for you. After all everyone likes a bit of appreciation. We are very flexible and can present reports anytime you say. Standard format is weekly and monthly reporting.


We believe if you torment the data for a long time, it will eventually concede. We identify reasons which if otherwise left alone could hamper the campaign performance. Our 10 years of experience comes in handy to derive valuable insights.


Analysis by itself cannot transform the results, we must still do the changing ourselves. According to insights derived from campaign analysis we take appropriate actions like refine keywords, add negative keywords, optimize landing pages to improve quality score, tighten up ad groups and add more tracking tags.