The SEO Process


SEO Goal Understanding

This is the foundation of a successful SEO campaign. We love learning about your business, your goals and aspirations. Understanding this is core to our creating a focused SEO strategy for your business.

We like to know more about your market, products and/or services, competitors and any knowledge we can tap into to refine our understanding.


Keyword Research & Analysis

Keywords form the building blocks for any SEO campaign. We use your business knowledge, research tools, analytics, our experience and insights and your competitors to come up with effective keywords to start the campaign.


SEO Benchmarking

Knowing where one is and where one wants to go is essential to identify the optimum path to reach ones goal. SEO benchmarking helps us identify where we are and what needs to be done to reach our destination.


Competitor Analysis

This helps us identify areas of weakness and key elements to build a Goal oriented SEO strategy. We use this learning across the entire SEO process to build a highly effective SEO campaign.


Website & Content Optimization

Here, we evaluate your website structure to ensure it is easily accessible to search engines and easy to navigate for your visitors. This includes optimizing your robots.txt, sitemap.xml, URLs, correcting broken links, setting correct redirects and much more.

We ensure your web pages are well structured and effectively present their message to visitors and search engines alike. This includes ensuring the correct title, meta and header tags and rich snippets convey correct information and improve click through when displayed in search results.

We ensure content is adequate and effectively interlinked with closely related content to give balance to your website structure.


Social Media Integration

SEO has a correlation to Social Signals. We help ensure your Social Presence is well integrated and positioned on your web pages to streamline social visits and actions. We help you build trust signals through authorship verification for your content.


Local SEO

We help you setup and build your local presence across key local search and business listing sites. This helps strongly location specific businesses to take advantage of universal search results to have their brand displayed more often leading to more visits and conversions.


Backlinks & Citation Building

These literally form the backbone of your search engine success. Nothing works like natural, relevant backlinks and citations. Building your presence where your customers are using branding, content and networking is key to getting high quality backlinks and citations. We work closely with you on these three critical elements to help your website gain backlinks, citations on other websites. This growing presence also provides referral visits when a visitor to these sites click on the links.


SEO maintenance

We look at the previous month performance and use data from Analytics to analyse and refine the campaign. Based on this we tweak key website elements like tags, content and structure to help improve performance.


Monthly Reporting

We provide comprehensive monthly reports covering keyword rankings, traffic and conversion performance, details of work done and plan for the coming month to help you get a clear picture of results and efforts.

The seo process