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Statistics are like bank accounts, what they suggest is indicative but what they mask is essential. Enterprises that apply web analytics have 33% more revenue growth and 12X more profit growth. Be proactive and embrace web analytics to stand apart from your competition. At Dharne we convert data into information and transform that information into meaningful insights. We fancy what others hate. Numbers! We crunch them to give you all kind of analysis that will help you reach your marketing goals & optimum ROI.

Our Approach

While most people quiver with fear when it comes to analyzing data and leveraging it to make holistic decisions, at Dharne CPA is in our DNA. Our team of experts unravels the toad of truth that lies in the swamp of data to gain visibility and deliver customized value propositions, thereby transporting your financial performance to scale new heights.

Below is our plan of action:-

To understand better let us take an example. We will create a sample measurement plan for a Restaurant which wants to increase its sales.

Web page data analytics

1. Document Business Objectives
To find your true business objective you need to dig real deep and ask yourself how is my Business going to add value in the lives of people. You need to discover your true sense of purpose.

2. Identify Strategies and Tactics
Once you have established your Business objective take time to develop a coherent strategy. We at Dharne believe the essence of strategy is choosing what not to do, it will ultimately boil down to what can be done.

3. Choose KPIs
However strong the strategy is we frequently look at the outcomes. We decide Key Performance Indicators that reflect whether or not we are headed in the right direction.

4. Choose Segments
Deriving valuable insights by applying segments is our forte. Segments help you pinpoint true cause of a phenomena and provides you much more refined information which if otherwise left alone could be fatal.

5. Determine Targets
You can determine targets through various methods prevailing in the industry like your historical site performance, third-party industry benchmark data or expectations from your business leadership. We recommend targets to be challenging yet realistic.
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