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Pinterest Tips for Real Estate Businesses

Pinterest tips for real estate business

Pinterest boasts the largest image sharing community online today. Pinterest opened officially in late 2009. By early 2012, Pinterest exceeded LinkedIn and Google+ for traffic, and was the #5 social network in the world. It already has more than 12 million registered users, and gets over 10 million unique visitors every single month!

For Real Estate businesses, Pinterest offers a great opportunity to engage with their fans and customers through images. In the real estate business photos, images are a vital part of presenting information online. And as we all know, an image speaks a thousand words.

The basics of Pinterest are simple. It is an online platform where people can pin images they find interesting on boards they create. Other people who follow them can repin if they too find the image interesting. This has the potential of shared images going viral leading to high exposure to your brand.

Starting on Pinterest

Let us look at some important steps to start using Pinterest for Business.

Create a Business Account

Pinterest business account

  • Choose the Pinterest for Business option for creating a new account.
  • Fill in the details that include your Business type, Contact person, Business email id and Business name.
  • Choose a username that suits your business.
  • Fill the About section describing your business in detail with relevant keywords
  • Add your website URL.

Create Personal Boards

Create and give proper names for your personal Boards. Some examples include

  • Our Apartments
  • Boards based on Locations
  • Interiors Done by Us
  • Design Inspirations.
  • Ideas to keep it Simple.
  • Gardens & Club House.

Pin Attractive Images

  • Pin interesting images to your boards.
  • Focus on attractive, impactful images.
  • Make sure that you have named the pin properly.
  • Add images from your websites as well as other sites.

Build Connections and Visibility

Connect with people from within your industry, people with whom you share common interests as well as your fans and contacts. First understand Pinterest demographics and popular categories. Once done, the 3 important steps are

1. Follow, Follow, Follow!
2. Repin images of people you follow so they notice
3. Comment on interesting pins

Understand Pinterest Demographics

Pinterest is the world of Woman. Over 80% of its members are educated women between the ages of 25-54 according to Ignite Social Media’s recent demographic data on Pinterest

They are also the key decision makers in a family so by following them on Pinterest will help you. Marketing on Pinterest to reach the female demographic should be standard practice for any business.

Know Popular Categories

Because Pinterest followers are mostly women the most popular Pinterest categories revolve around the types of things women are interested in.

Guess what the most popular category on Pinterest is? Home (17.2%). For Real Estate, it can’t get better than this and another reason why you should be here.

Gain Followers and Shares

Here are 10 important tips for you

1. Organize your Boards properly with interesting titles.
2. Pin images Popular pinterest image pin that are attractive and appeal to your audience and you.
3. Follow and Repin images from other good, relevant and interesting boards. That will get others noticing you and those who visited interested in your stuff as well.
4. Follow relevant people to increase visibility on Pinterest. The more the better.
5. Using the Tag function (@) in comments is powerful way to catch attention. Tag those people who have popular boards with higher number of followers on topics relevant to you.
6. Sync your Pinterest updates with other social media platforms. It is a great way to increase your reach. Pinterest synchronization enables your followers on Facebook and Twitter to visit your Pinterest profile and follow you. One useful online app for synching is Pinvolve.
7. Start interacting with people through repins and commenting on their pins.
8. Add the Pinterest Follow Me button to your website.
9. Add the Pinterest Pin It button to share images from individual posts or pages.
10. Most importantly, enjoy the experience.

Pinterest complements Real Estate businesses well. Used correctly and consistently, it should have a positive impact through improved branding, exposure and increase in visits to your website.

Dharne & Company, is a Social Media Marketing and SEO Company based in Irvine. Contact us to know more.

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