Search engine rankings link exchange


Search engine rankings link exchange

Search Engine Rankings – Link Exchange – Part 2

Search engine rankings– link exchange
Now that you know about one way, reciprocal or two links and three way link exchanges. Let’s talk about what kind of back links are good for you and which ones are not.

Always make sure that the site which you are asking a link from should be relevant or some what related that is it should be in the niche of what your site deals with. Also be careful when you link to anyone, because even that matters. Whom you are linking to is important, as linking to various kinds of sites which are not even remotely related to your site might affect your site’s search engine rankings negatively.

Never ever link to or try getting a link from a link farm. Link farms are a bad neighborhood and getting a link from them can do more harm than good. Also when you are trying to get back link through link exchange programs or through any other means, make sure that the page where your link will be put doesn’t have more than 30 to 40 outgoing links. Also make sure that the page has pr and in case the page doesn’t have pr then at least the page should be indexed in the search engines mainly Google.

Also make use of your keywords in the anchor text being used in the link pointing back to your site. Also link to your internal pages – deep linking is always better.
More to follow on this series of link exchanges and back links

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