4 seo myths and facts you need to know - dharne. Com


4 seo myths and facts you need to know - dharne. Com

4 SEO Myths and Facts you need to know

Seo myths and facts

SEO has lots of myths attached to it. So let’s clear the myths and get started with 4 basic facts of SEO.

Myth 1 – SEO is a quick fix

Fact 1 – SEO takes time and is a long term solution.

SEO requires patience. You cannot expect your site to get to the top in search engines and sending you boatloads of traffic overnight. Your SEO efforts will take time from 3 weeks to over 6 months depending on your niche, competition, resources committed and time spent to make the desired impact. So do not jump to hasty conclusions if you do not see your site in ranking after you start optimizing your site.

Myth 2 – Lets finish all our SEO in a month

Fact 2 – SEO is a steady long term process

Don’t rush into optimizing your site. Gradual optimization is the key to successful ranking. Step by step optimization of your website and equally supported by off site optimization, content creation and link building will help you get desired results quickly.

Myth 3 – Once I have reached my SEO Goals, I can stop

Fact 3 – SEO is an on going process

Search Engines are constantly tweaking their algorithms. The competitive landscape is ever changing. Hence, SEO is a never ending process. You need to monitor your target market and your visitors to plan and adjust your online marketing strategies accordingly.

As you are working on your site so is your competition. There is always the possibility of losing your well earned rankings if you stop. Over time it gets harder to catch up due to the constantly growing competition and search engine algorithmic changes.

Myth 4 – I need lots of visitors

Fact 4 – What you need is lots of ‘relevant’ visitors

Simply getting a high volume of visitors does not define success. If you sell guitars and get a lot of visitors searching for gutters, those visitors are worthless. The traffic needs to be relevant to what your website offers. So it is highly important that your site ranks on keywords that are relevant and related to the market you wish to target.

Knowing the above myths will help you get started on a focussed, result oriented SEO campaign that gives you real benefits.

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