Set it, forget it seo is over, now what? - dharne. Com


Set it, forget it seo is over, now what? - dharne. Com

Set it, Forget it SEO is over, Now What?

Set it, forget it seo is over, now what?

The relentless march of Google’s updates makes it more and more evident that business owners need to get more hands on involved with their SEO agency. The SEO agency will always be there to help, guide and execute your campaign. Yet, there is a lot that comes out of business experience, contacts and data that needs to join the campaign.

These Google updates Penguin and Panda will be rolling out regularly. They stress site quality, trust, originality and visitor satisfaction. They are a new layer to the existing algorithm, looking for these signals in website content, links and brand presence online.

How to succeed in this new SEO environment?

The updates align very well with your business goals!. The 3 step program below will help you make your business succeed in the new SEO environment

Step 1: Leverage your business experience

Leverage business experience All businesses have knowledge and experience in their area of expertise. Use this to create innovative, original content. This is how it works

  • Your agency knows the channels where you need to be online and where your competition is. So to build your presence there, they need content. Not the same old published elsewhere but something fresh and innovative.
  • So think what you can bring out from your day to day process. You know your industry, customers, industry jargon, challenges better than anyone else.

Some examples

Let us take the Carpet cleaning and Installation business as an example. You can

  • Create a how to video showing the steps to install a carpet.
  • Create a Powerpoint presentation on tips for keeping the carpet clean.
  • Release a case study in PDF and also post on your site.
  • Speak at local business meetings and share your transcript, video, slides.
  • Interview one of your clients or partners.
  • Create a video walkthrough of your store explaining the products you stock.

Bonus Links:

  • See this neat video which introduces the business, includes customer feedback and has 7500 views already.
  • Here is a PDF on carpet cleaning basics which can be embedded anywhere online like on LinkedIn.

All this is great content and it gives your agency the ammunition to work with in building up the value of your website and business.

Step 2: Leverage your contacts

Leverage contacts In business and life you have a network of contacts and connections. These include vendors, suppliers, customers, well wishers, mentors, employees and many more. A subset of these playing a small role in promoting you and vice versa is a win-win for both.

Some examples

Continuing with the Carpet business referred above, you can

  • Write a review for your friend, vendor, contact’s business on Yelp, Google+, Facebook Page, Local Yellow page site, etc. and get reviews back for your business.
  • Encourage customers to give reviews, video testimonials, testimonial on the social network they use. Put out an offer for those that do.
  • Encourage employees to evangelize your business on their networks. Linkedin is a great place for this.
  • Connect through your favorite social networks with all the important connections, be active and focus on extending your network.

This increases the trust in your brand, builds your network reach and gives more positive signals to search engines.

Bonus links:

Step 3: Leverage your data

DataBusinesses that have existed long enough generate data, lots of it. In the above business examples you can easily get a variety of unique information.

Some examples

  • Customer flooring preference carpets vs tiles. Break it further by location, season, type of housing, income group, etc. and you can get some very interesting stuff to share.
  • Another example carrying out surveys in your niche or with your customers.
  • You can also to comparison studies of the various cleaning options. So, your tips carry weight.

This ties in with unique content which you can produce as your data is unique. This also helps in networking with others in your niche as well as getting in front of larger audiences as it gets shared.

Bonus links:

  • Here is a simple stat set from the US Census website which can be used to make interesting stuff about the business and industry.
  • A glossary of carpet cleaning terms

All this goes to show that a more hands on involvement in your SEO campaign is possible for any type of business and greatly improves your chances of success. There is a lot you can do with your expertise to achieving this goal.

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