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Google’s Hummingbird Effect on Business Website SEO

How Google Penguin Update Impacts Online Marketing

The recent Google Penguin update has once again re-surfaced the debate on link quality and back link acquisition techniques. This update was focused on devaluing what Google terms as inorganic or unnatural links. This update complements the Panda updates which were broadly focused on content…

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5 Basic SEO checks for your website

Before you start the SEO project for your website, it is important to carry out some critical SEO checks 1. Are search engines finding and indexing all your pages? Number of valid pages on website vs number of pages showing up in search engines. You…

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Value of Website Links in SEO and beyond

Though social has an ever increasing role in the future of the web, links will continue to have their own importance in the scheme of things online. They are such a fundamental element that we use links to navigate even on social media sites. Links…

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HTML 5 versus Flash and your Website’s Future

The argument about whether HTML 5 is going to make Flash redundant has taken centre stage. Two recent announcements have triggered this.

  1. Apple is going with HTML 5 for their iPad and not supporting Flash.
  2. Google experimenting with HTML 5 for displaying their YouTube videos.
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Bing – Is it to beat Google or just Yahoo!?

Microsoft’s Bing is creating a buzz in the internet market. Sites have started registering more visits from Bing and clients are looking forward to rank in Bing. Google analytics still doesn’t recognize Bing as a search engine.

So what is Bing all about? Bing known as Kumo during development phase is not being brought about as a Google killer but a restart by Microsoft in the search industry. Bing is definitely better than Live search and one step towards betterment but still it has a long way to go before it can be termed “GOOGLE KILLER”

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