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Dharne & Co. Redesigns Website For Formtek®, An Enterprise Content Management Solution Provider

3 Steps to Speed up your Website

Google has been explicit that website speed is an SEO signal. So, one should always be looking for ways to reduce website load times. Google offers great advice on this too. This is a simplified explanation of what Google recommends.

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Set it, Forget it SEO is over, Now What?

The relentless march of Google’s updates makes it more and more evident that business owners need to get more hands on involved with their SEO agency. The SEO agency will always be there to help, guide and execute your campaign. Yet, there is a lot…

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5 Simple Tips for Small Business SEO

You are a small, local business who wants to promote their business in search engines. Here are 5 Simple Tips for Small Business SEO success Target the right keywords Know what words your customers use to describe your business or services. This is crucial as…

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The SEO relation between content and links

There are SEO people who swear by content. Content is king they say. Then there are the link building SEO experts who believe backlinks are everything in SEO. But being in one camp or the other is missing the point. Links on the web are…

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Why your business website should be a knowledge source

A lot of businesses pay close attention on their website to the following key sections and deservedly so The design The brand image conveyed The services, products and solutions offered The contact details Information about the business So, what’s missing? Your visitors are likely to…

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