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Pinterest Tips for Real Estate Businesses

Pinterest boasts the largest image sharing community online today. Pinterest opened officially in late 2009. By early 2012, Pinterest exceeded LinkedIn and Google+…
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Online Marketing Dilemma, Use Your own Website or Social Media

Where to invest your online marketing dollars? With the rapid rise in Social Media, most business owners are faced with this marketing dilemma.…
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Search Engine Optimization

How does Social Media marketing compare to SEO

There is no valid way to compare SEO and Social Media. Both are different marketing tools and in a few ways complement each…
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12 New Year Resolutions for Your Website

It is a New Year and you have made new resolutions for yourself. How about some for your website? Yes! Your website needs…
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Facebook sets you Free with Export, pulls you Back in with Groups

Facebook has recently announced the launch of an improved Groups product. The new changes would make Facebook groups a much more integral part…
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