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8 Important Homepage Design and SEO tips

When to upgrade your website to a CMS

Earlier, for a small business offering a few services a good way to get online is creating a 5-10 page static website. This was easy to do-it-yourself with a simple html editor, some web space at a hosting provider and a domain name. Website maintenance…

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5 Important Web Pages Missing from Business Websites

You have the home page, the about us page, the services/products pages neatly categorized and arranged and the contact page works perfectly. Your website is ready and working just fine. You have various marketing campaigns going on pulling in visitors But wait! Do you have…

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6 Common Website Design Mistakes to Avoid

Website design is a critical stage in building a successful, effective website. It influences both web development and using the website as a marketing channel. Let us look at the common website design pitfalls that you can avoid on your path to success along with…

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How HTML5 Web Workers improve web browsing

A common problem faced by web users is the browser freezing up when using heavy web applications. Often one has to wait for a long time till the operation completes before going any further.

With the introduction of the HTML5 Web Workers API, users can now say goodbye to this issue.

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Projects roundup for August 2010

Another exciting month at Dharne & Company comes to an end. We had a variety of projects this month, opportunities to improve existing skills and learn new ones. Below we highlight five web projects we found interesting and hope you do too.

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