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The perfect antidote for aging websites

When to upgrade your website to a CMS

Earlier, for a small business offering a few services a good way to get online is creating a 5-10 page static website. This was easy to do-it-yourself with a simple html editor, some web space at a hosting provider and a domain name. Website maintenance…

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Website maintenance checklist for businesses

A clean, updated business website is important for achieving the desired goals. So, having a proper website maintenance process helps you keep your website fresh and as good as new. We look a checklist of website maintenance tasks which will do just that. Check 1…

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Website Maintenance, Important, Ignored but so Critical for Business success

You built a great, professionally designed website using the latest and greatest in web technology and everyone loved it. But that was 2005, what about today?

If you left the site as is, today it would be outdated, old and behind your competition. Content would need to be updated, images replaced and new elements added to keep up with today’s socially connected world.

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