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The perfect antidote for aging websites

6 Common Website Design Mistakes to Avoid

Website design is a critical stage in building a successful, effective website. It influences both web development and using the website as a marketing channel. Let us look at the common website design pitfalls that you can avoid on your path to success along with…

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Website Maintenance, Important, Ignored but so Critical for Business success

You built a great, professionally designed website using the latest and greatest in web technology and everyone loved it. But that was 2005, what about today?

If you left the site as is, today it would be outdated, old and behind your competition. Content would need to be updated, images replaced and new elements added to keep up with today’s socially connected world.

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7 Important Factors to Improve Your Website – Part 1

There are many things to consider for improving any website’s performance. The points listed here will help your website improve its SEO and Usability. There are 7 important factors to consider.

  1. Search Engine Accessibility
  2. Search Engine Presence
  3. Individual Pages
  4. Website
  5. Domain Related
  6. External Websites
  7. Others
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