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Important tips for choosing a website design company - dharne. Com

Important Tips for choosing a Website Design Company

Tips for choosing web design company

It is a blessing if your website design company has

1. Web designers who are aware of how important SEO is for success.
2. SEO staff who know how important a well designed website is for success

In situations where a company is highly website design centric or highly SEO centric you can get conflicting opinions. A good example is the use of Flash.

  • A design centric company will stress that flash is indexable and that they have read it in forums, etc which say flash sites can rank in Search engines with out a problem.
  • A SEO centric firm will stress that a non flash site is better. So how do you decide on what to go for?

The key point you need to keep in mind when choosing a design firm is; can their website designers design an attractive site and equally can they design a search engine friendly site?

Tips for selecting a well rounded Website Design firm

  • Take a look at the portfolio of the company. Try and contact the clients listed for their opinion.
  • Take a look at the previous work done by the company. See whether they have built websites in your niche or in an industry which is closest to it. Then check whether that design addresses your target audience well.
  • Check how search engine friendly the websites are. Do they have a sitemap, custom 404 page and clear call to actions.
  • Check if the branding is conveyed well e.g. the position of the logo, the business tag line, the imagery, call to actions.
  • Check to see if the work is varied or just a template set where all key elements are similarly positioned. Do they design for various platforms like WordPress, Joomla, etc. as well as custom websites.
  • Check for design diversity. A versatile Website Design team will also showcase other work like brochures, Social media backgrounds, banners and logos.
  • And finally check whether the firm offers a separate SEO service with specialized staff. You don’t want designers doing your SEO. An easy way to find out is using Linkedin and checking current and former employee profiles.

That, in a nutshell should give you enough confidence in choosing the right Website Design company.

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