Why is responsive web design important? - dharne. Com

Why is Responsive Web Design Important?

Why is responsive web design important? - dharne. Com

Why is Responsive Web Design Important?

Responsive web design

One size no longer fits all. The harsh truth is that the volume and use of smartphones is rising and that of PCs is falling. PCs just had their worst quarterly sales numbers in decades. Having a responsive web design is the responsible way of designing websites. The ‘when’ is almost upon us. Yes, its that urgent now to make the switch. But first, let us look at the ‘Whys’.

So, really, why do you need responsive in your website design?

A website that works well on all devices and screen sizes

You want to look good at work and you want to look good at a party. Well your website wants to look good too. On any device be it a PC,Tablet or Smartphone and at any resolution. And your users want to see a website correctly, quickly and efficiently. Responsive Web Design done correctly, makes you, your website and your website users happy. Talk about a win-win-win.

The change from PCs to smart devices like smartphones and tablets

Ah well! Times change, habits change and one fine day what you used to do is now retro. Yes, PCs were great till about yesterday but today’s a new day. Everyone is on some device and its in the pocket, the bag and even on the wrist. No, the one in the bag is less and less a notebook or laptop and more and more of a tablet. You and your website needs to adapt, evolve, survive and win in a new user landscape.

Even Google said so

Not completely, but they are getting there and mostly before others their size. And today and tomorrow and for this decade at least, what Google says matters. They have it as one of the important ways to smartphone design Nirvana. They have even blogged about it. That was almost a year ago, but its never too late.

Easier to Manage

Who doesn’t like that? Managing is a chore especially for a multitude of websites. One little change and suddenly things break in a 100 places on 20 different website versions. Better to deal with it on just one website. Well responsive web design almost gets you there. Save costs, save time and save hassles with a standard, accepted solution with growing acceptance.

Note that even responsive web design is not capable of resolving bad design decisions. The fundamentals of your design need to be right. Now you have a tool in your hand to use or misuse. Hopefully use it wisely to build great websites that your customers love.

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