Why SEO is Essential even if you do PPC

When we look at various search marketing options, there is an inevitable dilemma. Should we use SEO or go for PPC? The correct answer for any business is do both. SEO and PPC Complement each other !

But why not just do PPC?

PPC is an excellent driver of traffic and gives clear ROI if done properly. But beyond that there is limited long term benefit built up and you have to keep running the program to keep up.

SEO on the other hand

  • Converts your website into your own positive business asset and builds for you a brand presence which your visitors can regularly visit.
  • Makes the site a natural driver of revenue and helps you manage PPC costs better.
  • Creates a much broader impact on your website than PPC does as it involves significant work on your site and individual web pages.

Key SEO Benefits not gained through PPC

Key Benefit 1: SEO helps improve your website pages and the overall website structure. This results in the website showing up in search engines for more keywords. This increases the chances of getting clicked in the organic results driving more visitors to your business.

Key Benefit 2: SEO helps you improve website content and also your call to action. The former helps reduce bounce rate, keeping visitors more engaged with your website and taking the desired action. This in turn increases sales providing an improved ROI.

Key Benefit 3: SEO also helps you diversify your sources of traffic. This gives you additional visitors and reduces dependence on just PPC.

As you can see, a proper SEO process goes beyond the narrow view of SEO being just another online marketing option. It’s impact is much more than the sum of its parts.

The added benefit of doing all the above is achieving great rankings for a wide range of keywords and getting strong, relevant organic traffic growth.

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