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Wordpress completes 10 years - dharne. Com

WordPress Completes 10 Years

Wordpress completes 10 years

A platform that revolutionized self publishing like no other, WordPress has come a long way. It has been a boon to small and medium sized businesses, making setting up a website easier and affordable. At the same time it has evolved to be a powerful CMS perfectly usable for medium sized enterprise websites. It completely dominates the blogosphere from individual blogs to blogs for large media enterprises.

Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little started WordPress in 2004 as an open source software for blogging. The company behind WordPress.com, Automattic has shown how to be a successful business while supporting the open source ecosystem.

Plugins & Themes

Wordpress plugins and themes; themes

Unlike earlier CMS systems, WordPress has made extending itself a breeze. The plugin installation steps are far simpler. Obviously this has made WordPress highly flexible and adaptable to needs arising out of the rapid growth in mobile and social media.

Themes for WordPress have led to beautiful and highly functional website designs. Some of the leading theme providers are successful businesses by themselves.

The Friendly CMS

Wordpress-the friendly cmsWordPress is by far the friendliest CMS today. With a basic optimized install and a few plugins, WordPress is

  1. User friendly
  2. SEO friendly
  3. Mobile friendly
  4. Social Media friendly
  5. RSS friendly

WordPress has supported open technologies from the very beginning making it ‘Web friendly’ as well.

A Giant amongst Web publishing platforms

WordPress dwarfs other CMS platforms in terms of installs and usage. Today it helps build comprehensive, feature rich websites and has come a long way from just a blogging platform. Obviosly, it still helps build blogs easily. The impressive numbers below highlight its power.

  • WordPress powers 18% of all websites on the web.
  • WordPress has a comprehensive 58% share of all CMS based websites.
  • Joomla comes in second at 9.9% with Drupal 3rd at 6.5%.

At Dharne & Company, WordPress is our platform of choice for building websites for our customers. It has been a pleasure to design for and to build WordPress websites all these years for businesses of all sizes and for a range of needs. It has never failed us or our customers. We are yet to see a requirement for moving off WordPress and onto another platform but many the other way round.

Mashable has put up a slideshow with all versions from 0.71 to the latest 3.6 betas
People are having special WordPress events and there is a dedicated microsite to showcase Tweets, photos and various other updates.

Dharne & Company, based in Irvine offers WordPress Design for businesses in the Los Angeles area, California and across the US. Contact us to know more.

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